How Many Skies Have Fallen: Back to the Land in Wartime Britain by Ken Worpole

Book review, December 2021

History Today

Cruel Intentions Strange Antics: A History of Seduction By Clement Knox

Book review, April 2020

Literary Review

The problem with diet books written by doctors

Vox, 2016

Julia Belluz

Hot Flushes, Cold Science

Mariella Frostrup "recommends the excellent Hot Flushes, Cold Science: A History of the Modern Menopause"

Mariella Frostrup

Sex, Lives, and History Books

Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge, Alumnae Association Newsletter


The diet industry has exploited our health fears for centuries – here’s how


The Irish Egyptian

Irish Independent Weekend Magazine 19/07/2014 on RG 'Pum' Gayer-Anderson

Irish Independent

Rauchen, Lesen, Seife Essen

Article on the history of dieting for the April 2014 edition of Folio, monthly magazine of the "Neue Zürcher Zeitung", Switzerland


Calories and Corsets

The obsession with dieting isn't just a 21st Century phenomenon.


Eating it up: diet fads of the ages

New Scientist

Calories and Corsets: a history of dieting

A look at a history of dieting fads - from the Ancient Greeks to the Duchess of Cambridge.

We Love This Book

Lord Byron: The celebrity diet icon

BBC News

Overweight? Have some vinegar or tapeworms

Centuries of celebrity, faddy and unusual diets revealed

Daily Mirror

Dieting: a pot-bellied history

We tend to think of weight-loss regimes as the product of our image-obsessed age – but Byron and Nietzsche were on them too. We chronicle the diet industry's ups and downs, from laxative gum to rubber knickers

Observer Magazine

Body anxiety is nothing new

For hundreds of years people have been bombarded with images of the 'ideal' body shape and dubious ways to achieve it.


Our preoccupation with dieting has become a national neurosis

The dieting industry exploits our shame, yet still we crave the Next Big Diet Idea.


Dieting: Battle of the bulge

A look back on 20 centuries of bingeing, purging, snake oil and strange ideas.

The Independent

Book review

Naomi Wolf, Vagina: A New Biography

The New Humanist


Diary piece on the contentious issue of who lies in the poet's grave in Drumcliffe: W B Yeats or Alfred Hollis?

London Review of Books