BookBound provides expert support for writing non-fiction, novels and memoirs. Specialist mentorship.

Journalistic writing and research skills. Sex tips for science and academic writers. Selling your words – and yourself.

Available online or in person, in Cambridge, London or Brighton.

We are experienced tutors, accomplished, too. We’ve torn up cherished projects, we’ve torn out hair, we’ve suffered rejection and tasted victory. We have published books in numerous genres, won prizes and published internationally.

We’ve taught at top level. Now we’ve joined forces to deliver something new and precious: practical support for getting your work-in-progress over the hurdles that stand between great ideas and great books.

These courses are tailored to suit writers who have projects underway and need the next level of practical teaching, advice and support to get their beloved books across the line.

A freshly rescued 17th-century mansion on the South Coast will soon be open for hosting special residential courses for up to six students at a time, as well as offering single-person stays for individual writing retreats.